Hello world!

Hi there!

When a friend recently asked me, “what was that app you told me about …”, I looked back through posts and emails to find the reference, then had to go and find links to the app so I could share the information. It occurred to me that I have a lot of tools, procedures, and techniques that I share and blog about, so wouldn’t it be nice to keep information on these items in one place. Well, I am not that organized, and the image of an old tool shed came to mind. There were old rusty rakes and hand tools, some unrecognized machinery hidden under dust and cobwebs – pretty much what I have in mind for this site. Maybe just a little bit better organization.

On this “landing page” you will see occasional posts about software tools, hardware items, techniques and procedures. There is a topic page for each classification – see the menu bar. Under each topic you will find links to pages for the specific tools. It will be a while before this site will contain all my tools, so bear with me. Leave me a comment if you stumble in, and yes, the tools are there for you to “borrow”.




About Ludwig
Lending a helping hand where I can. . . My motto: If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

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